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Google and Maps - A History Lesson

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February 2005 Google Maps goes live.
April 2005 Google's first Google Maps release in Europe is geared to U.K. users.
  Google Maps now features satellite views and directions.
June 2005 Google unveils Google Earth: a satellite imagery-based mapping service combining 3D buildings and terrain with mapping capabilities and Google search.
  API for Maps released; developers can embed Google Maps on many kinds of mapping services and sites.
September 2005 Overlays in Google Earth illuminate the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina around New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Some rescue teams use these tools to locate stranded victims.
December 2005 Google Transit launches in Labs. People in the Portland, Oregon metro area can now plan their trips on public transportation at one site.
April 2006 Google release Maps for France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
September 2006 Featured Content for Google Earth includes overlays from the UN Environmental Program, Discovery Networks, the Jane Goodall Institute, and the National Park Service.
February 2007 Google releases Google Maps in Australia, complete with local business results and mobile capability.
  Google introduces traffic information to Google Maps for more than 30 cities around the US.
May 2007 Street View debuts in Google Maps in five U.S. cities: New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami, and Denver.
June 2007 Google Earth Outreach is introduced, designed to help nonprofit organizations use Google Earth to advocate their causes.
April 2008 A new version of Google Earth launches, incorporating Street View and 12 more languages. At the same time, KML 2.2, which began as the Google Earth file format, is accepted as an official Open Geospacial Consortium standard.
May 2008 Following both the Sichuan earthquake in China and Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar (Burma), Google Earth adds new satellite information for the region(s) to help recovery efforts.
June 2008 A new version of Maps for Mobile debuts, putting Google Transit directions on phones in more than 50 cities worldwide.
July 2008 Google provides Street View for the entire 2008 Tour de France route – the first launch of Street View imagery in Europe.
  Google's first downloadable iPhone app, featuring My Location and word suggestions for quicker mobile searching, debuts with the launch of the Apple 3G iPhone.
August 2008 Street View is available in several cities in Japan and Australia - the first time it's appeared outside of North America or Europe.
September 2008 Google launches Transit for the New York metro region, making public transit information easily available for users of the largest transportation agency in the U.S.
October 2008 Google introduces Google Earth for the iPhone and iPod touch, complete with photos, geo-located Wikipedia articles, and the ability to tilt your phone to view 3D terrain.
November 2008 After Google discovers a correlation between certain search queries and CDC data on flu symptoms, they release Google Flu Trends, an indicator of flu activity around the U.S. as much as two weeks earlier than traditional flu surveillance systems.
February 2009 The latest version of Google Earth makes a splash with Ocean, a new feature that provides a 3D look at the ocean floor and information about one of the world's greatest natural resources.
  Google introduces Google Latitude, a Google Maps for mobile feature and an iGoogle gadget that lets you share your location with friends and see the approximate location of people who have decided to share their location with you.

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